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Is New Curriculum Meeting the Demands of Future Workforce?

Introduction The base for any society is education. Nowadays, education is more than reading and writing. You need to adopt new learning techniques and standards. It will help you in meeting your educational goals. The education curriculum aims to set education standards. There must be innovation, and room for new learning techniques. It will help the students in meeting their educational goals. Apart from this, it will help them in getting their dream jobs. These days, technology is changing at a rapid pace. Employers are looking for only those candidates that can meet their organisational goals. They’re not looking for graduates with pieces of degrees. They are looking for in-depth research skills and leadership qualities. Technological advancements are changing the perspective of future workforce. There are several things that are increasing demands of the future workforce. Remote working and employee empowerment are changing the nature of jobs. This article aims to discuss the natu